Fleckvieh are a true Dual Purpose  breed specifically bred for superior Beef and Milk qualities

Members of the Fleckvieh Society are encouraged to breed a middle of the road animal with easy doing ability. They must be structurally sound and highly fertile, able to fit into any breeding operation, purebred or cross breeding. Importance is also placed on efficiency, early maturation and ease of birth.

To achieve this, the Fleckvieh Society sets Breeding Standards of Excellence http://www.fleckvieh.org.au/fleckvieh_standard_of_excellence and assists members at farm level, with meaningful promotion and access to the best and widest range of genetics worldwide.

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Visual Assesment and Breeding Technology Workshop

Fleckvieh will be the Feature Breed at the 2016 Dubbo Show 29th-30th April 1st May 2016. Prominent South African Judge and Simmentaler breeder, Mr Llewellyn John Angus will officiate at the event. In conjunction with the show the FSA wil be holding a Visual Assesment and Breeding Technology Workshop on the 27th and 28th April 2016. This is a once in a lifetime event and your passport to a better understanding of Cattle and Breeding Values. For more information or bookings please send a message or contact George on +





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